Monday, August 6, 2012

Clear Day By The Bay -Poster Art

      This is one of my favorite graphic design pieces yet! In fact I have this framed and hanging in my living room. This was an assignment for my design fundamentals class and we were allowed to use any medium. Since I am a graphic designer I chose to use illustrator. The assignment was to create a piece of artwork that has the effect of opaque layers, like tissues overlaying each other. This was a challenge to do. First I had to build all these tiny shapes and make sure they were in the right order than I had to add a specific type of layer effect to each shape. There is also a texture added to this to help it look more vintage. I was trying to go for an old travel poster.
       I chose San Francisco because my family and I went there a year ago on vacation and we absolutely loved it. Its such an artistic city, full of fascinating sites and a rich history. We were completely charmed by it all, by the end of the first day there.
      I just love how this project turned out and am thinking about making this a common style of mine. I can't wait to see what I do with other cities I visit, using this technique and style.

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