Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Knitted Christmas Hat Poster/Invitation Design

Perfect for any Christmas party or event. You can purchase a customized version of this print at my etsy shop Designing Pixel Dust
During check out you can just message me the information you would like included and the print size and within 24-48 I will email you the high quality customized digital print for you to take to the printers and print out as many times as you heart desires!

This design could be used for so many things. I designed this for my family's christmas story book. If you think of anything you can use this design for I will customize it for you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Exchange -Event Poster Design

My favorite thing with poster design is coming up with new layouts that Ive never done before and this is no exception. I loved using a more vertical layout with this and making the photo of the woman reading take up half the page. Than I had a bunch of fun with the layout of the "copy" on the right giving it some fun retro effects. Then finishing up the whole project with some much need texture. 

Harvest Party -Event Poster Design

This was a fun concept of going for a cutting board kind of look. Like the letters where carved into the board and we have a bunch of the ingredients piled around promising an endless possibility to hopeful chili contestants. 

You can order you custom harvest poster from my etsy shop here

Friday, August 23, 2013

Graphic Design Resume Design 2013

As a graphic designer you can't just use any old resume template for yourself. Its just not going to cut it. Its important to think of your resume design as another portfolio piece representing the kind of work you do. There are so many great design out there. I found myself was over stimulated with ideas for my own resume and knew I was going to have to do something completely unique to stand out in this competitive field. I have was inspired by some of the transparency style designs I have been seeing lately and wanted to incorporate some of that with some of my favorite colors. In the end I really love how it tuned out and feel confident submitting this resume to potential employers. 

Here are some great resumes designs that I just had to share with you. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vintage Event Outfitter Brand Strategy Design

I just loved doing this brand package. It was quite the fun challenge to combine the old with the new for this vintage decor rental business but I loved coming up with all the fun details. VEO needed a look that would be a great fit not only for wedding venues but for corporate events as well so It was important that the logo wasn't overly feminine or too rustic. And I have to say the business cards were my favorite part. I just adore how it came out. There is some art deco inspiration here as well as working with some trendy stripes.  The client also asked if I could incorporate some fun patterns and textures so I ended up designing this custom fun paper pattern that will be apart of their signature look as well.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Graduation Announcement Design

This is actually my graduation announcement, which I am pleased to announce! I couldn't very well graduate in graphic design without creating my own graduation invitation. There would just be something wrong with that. 

I wanted the announcement to reflect my personality and my love of typography all in one, plus this was just fun to make. I thought the custom map on the back would be a nice touch as well as designing a fun custom graduation character instead of a traditional photo. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Event Poster Designs 2013

I really love making event posters they have such a wide range of possibilities and I also love getting to work with so much type. The top poster with the bread them was so fun to get to work in illustrator and give it kind of a logo style treatment to the design. The second was done entirely in photoshop. It was a labor of love working with all those layers and leaves but it was well worth it, don't you think?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Urban Style Wedding Announcement

I have always wanted to create fun and unique wedding announcements and I was thrilled to design this one. This cute young couple just wouldn't go with your boring traditional wedding announcements.   It just wouldn't do. So the challenge was to come up with something more modern and edgy but still says romance, It was also important to capture their personality in the design.

-Best of luck to the newlyweds!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Office Snap Inc Website Design

Im very excited to finally show you guys a fun project I have been working on. This is a website design I created for Office Snap Inc, a business consulting business that specializes in helping small businesses  save money and utilize tech devices. 

It was important to the client that the website have a fresh look that showed personality but still remained clean and not overly cluttered. It was also very important to figure out a way to display a lot of information in a way that was easy to read and navigate through. 

There was a lot of custom artwork that was required in this project, but I really enjoyed the challenge. I was also hired to create the brand identity for this company before I even got started on this website design so it was really fun getting to tie the logo design in with the website designs. 

I have a huge passion in Web design and find it so dynamic and ever changing so I never get bored and am always being challenged by the latest trends and techknology. If you have a small business and are looking for a designer to create your website, I am happy to help. I create all my designs with an in depth understanding of what the business Im designing for needs and pair it with well thought out  imagery and layout that is both functional and unique. My websites are of the highest quality and always memorable. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Office Snap Inc. Logo Designs

Here are some of the Logo variations I designed for Office Snap Inc, a company that specializes in helping small business save money and utilize their office technologies more efficiently. 
Their name "Office Snap Inc." was inspired by making office and business chores easier... or done in a "Snap". So I got the idea that it would be neat if I created some typography in where the letters were "snapped" together, so to speak. In the end we ended up going with the one on the bottom left. 

Winter Event Poster Design

Its not easy coming up with a poster for a religious event for January and have it not look like Christmas. However, this turned out to be a fun poster design. I really enjoy getting to use these feminie styles and looks, plus the snowflakes give it a bit of magic that I just love.