Monday, January 21, 2013

Office Snap Inc Website Design

Im very excited to finally show you guys a fun project I have been working on. This is a website design I created for Office Snap Inc, a business consulting business that specializes in helping small businesses  save money and utilize tech devices. 

It was important to the client that the website have a fresh look that showed personality but still remained clean and not overly cluttered. It was also very important to figure out a way to display a lot of information in a way that was easy to read and navigate through. 

There was a lot of custom artwork that was required in this project, but I really enjoyed the challenge. I was also hired to create the brand identity for this company before I even got started on this website design so it was really fun getting to tie the logo design in with the website designs. 

I have a huge passion in Web design and find it so dynamic and ever changing so I never get bored and am always being challenged by the latest trends and techknology. If you have a small business and are looking for a designer to create your website, I am happy to help. I create all my designs with an in depth understanding of what the business Im designing for needs and pair it with well thought out  imagery and layout that is both functional and unique. My websites are of the highest quality and always memorable. 

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